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Simple Yet Classic LED Wall Mirror

INR 6120

We all have that special liking for décor items that can stylishly bring a room together. So, introducing the Simple Yet Classic LED Wall Mirror! The perfect balance between timeless class and modern vibes with its sleek design. This led mirror is designed with precision so that it fits in any room with ease and elegance. And did we mention it comes in different sizes? The Simple Yet Classic LED Wall Mirror also offers three types of LED lighting-White, Natural white, warm white-to give you the best lighting experience depending on your mood or occasion. Plus, you can be sure of safety and quality as it is manufactured using several kinds of sensors like motion, plug-n-play, Touch, handwave. And just when you thought this couldn’t get any better - get this - it even comes with a 5 year warranty! Don’t think twice; add some stellar luxury to your walls in an instant! Get the Simple Yet Classic LED Wall Mirror today - for that unique touch of style you’ve always wanted but never could find...until now!

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